Kasia Kronenberger

Artist and author working in painting and illustration. She explores Polish cuisine at the Polonist.

Proud Varsovian, with a part of her heart left behind in London. Graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. After a 8-year detour in visual identity & packaging for international brands, she has made a return to the arts and personal projects.

Has a weak spot for beautifully published cookbooks. Unapologetically carnivore. Hopes for a balcony garden sometime soon.

Kasia Kronenberger

Z zawodu ilustratorka, z zamiłowania zaś popularyzatorka kuchni polskiej. Dzieli się swoimi kulinarnymi przygodami na blogu Polonist i na kanale youtube o tej samej nazwie. Gotuje, pisze, rysuje, robi zdjęcia. 

Dumna Warszawianka, choć myślami wciąż czasem w Londynie. Absolwentka Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. Po ośmiu latach w branży kreatywnej (identyfikacja wizualna marek i projekty opakowań) w Polsce i za granicą, powróciła do malarstwa i ilustracji.

Kolekcjonerka książek kucharskich – szczególnie tych pięknie wydanych. Mięsożerczyni. Marzy o ogródku na balkonie.

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Apologies for a stiff, 3rd person intro. As a shy introvert, I hate tooting my own horn. But in today’s world full of unverified information, it’s important to display your credentials openly – so that others can check who you are.

Let’s try shaking hands again – this time, personally: My name is Kasia (pronounced: Kash-ya), but my English-speaking friends often call me “Kat”.

INFJ-T (Myers-Briggs Personality Type), Sagittarius, Chinese Fire Tiger

I started this page to record my creative process and my notes as I’m learning new things. I hope that this will provide some value to others.


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So that’s a bit about me. If you have a question, a comment, or if you just want to say hello, you can catch me via email: