• Go on a long road-trip around Poland, starting with Polasie region.
  • Visit Japan.
  • Visit Disney World. (yeah, I know, I’m a big kid)


  • Publish an illustrated cookbook
  • Have the Polonist become a popular digital source of knowledge about Polish food that helps & inspires people.
  • Start a Youtube channel.
  • Spread what I’ve learned about Polish cuisine via an online course.
  • Make a free Polish Christmas Carol booklet with the texts in phonetics, so everyone can sing-along.
  • Go a full year without screen-time on Sundays.


  • Spend a night in a haunted castle.
  • Go plein-air painting again.
  • Host a themed dinner party.
  • Go in a helicopter.
  • Go in a hot air balloon.

Skills & Crafts

  • Becoming calm & comfortable in front of camera.
  • Trying pottery and making my first plate.
  • Make a DIY neon/marquee light.
  • Return to oil-painting. Painting a portrait of my son.
  • Try out techniques of my favourite artists & document the results.
  • Be able to do at least one (sic!) perfect push up.
  • Plant a mini-balcony garden.


  • Be able to recognise (and pick!) most popular edible wild mushrooms.
  • Make my first jar of Polish pickles.
  • Master the art of pierogi-making.
  • Try foods I’m not eating, because I expect them to be disgusting: duck blood soup, herring in oil, jelly pig feet, tripe soup.
  • Teach my son to cook.
  • Learn the knife-skills, so I can chop like a pro!
  • Take a bartending class.