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    “Catching the Big Fish” by David Lynch.
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  • The Goal Setting Struggle

    Planning has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. The smell of a brand new planner makes me squeal with delight. 

    I look forward to a new week, new month, and especially – a New Year. They’re a promise of a new beginning, a clean slate. A chance to make everything right. 

    Sadly, pretty soon afterwards, there’s a pattern emerging:

    • I underestimate how long it takes to complete a task, 
    • then I inevitably fail, which leads to…
    • blaming myself for not trying hard enough, so…
    • the whole planner goes out the window.

    Even if initially everything goes well, life tends to get in the way. And as much as I would love to lead an eremitic lifestyle, I just cannot abandon my obligations. 

    Let’s not make the same mistake again. This year, I want to set a feasible, flexible goal for a change. Let’s go for:

    “Limit input, increase output”

    Limit input: I need to be way more selective on what I digest – may it be books, shows, news, podcasts and most importantly: social media. The mental load is just too great. On weekends, I’ll ban screen time completely. My mind deserves a proper rest.

    Increase output: When I stumble upon something remarkable (worth remembering and sharing) – I won’t just keep it in my head. I’ll translate it into a blog post, sketch, illustration, painting, video, or whatever format seems suitable. Instead of merely consuming content, I want to create something valuable.

    So that’s my plan.
    And since it’s written down here, I have to keep showing up.
    Hold me to it.

    Graphic with a New Year's Resolution: Less Input, More Output. © KasiaStudio12