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  • For Harry Potter fans who wish to recapture the magic of these legendary books & films, the “Magical Kitchen” offers a truly unique experience.

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    This unusual recipe book was designed carefully to resemble a genuine enchanted volume straight off the dusty shelves of the Library of Witchcraft.

    It is filled with realistic looking pages containing stylised photography and vintage drawings, together with jottings in the young wizard’s own hand.

    With 42 beautifully illustrated recipes, arranged in order of a degree of skill (Apprentice – Adept – Archmage), you can indulge in spellbindingly scrumptious meals.

    From classics such as Butterbrew (known today as butterbeer) and Pumpkin Pasties, to powerful potions such as Amortentia and Liquid Luck – all are revealed in this remastered volume for all young Wizards to enjoy.

    Curious to learn more? Visit Art of Wizardry for more recipes and printable potion labels.

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    “Magical Kitchen: the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook” K.T. Crownhill
    Edition: 2018, Formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardback, Language: English, Pages: 106, Premiere: Oct 2nd 2018